John Smyth (2012): The socially just school and critical pedagogies in
communities put at a disadvantage , Critical Studies in Education, 53:1, 9-18


L’école socialement juste se caractérise notamment par

1. une mission ou philosophie claire et engageante: «They understand that their raison d’etre is about creating the conditions necessary to improve the life chances of the most excluded and marginalized. To that extent they have a very well developed sense of justice and an understanding of

2. une conception d’agentivité, de pouvoir agir en faveur des intérêts de ceux qu’elle sert: «In a sense they regard their students and families as having been put in the state they are in because of the playing out of the social, political and economic agenda of others who are more powerful. In this respect they operate strategically – one might argue, courageously and fearlessly – in advancing the interests of their students and communities in ways that try to minimise further damage or ameliorate the worst excesses of what has been done to them. Far from benign or neutral, these schools have a clear sense of the political work they are engaged in.»

3. un souci moindre de leur image: «They understand who they are, they are comfortable and secure with this image and unashamedly present themselves to the outside world for what they authentically are, rather than as facsimiles.»

4. elle considère la défavorisation comme construction sociale: «That is to say, they do not regard it as an inalienable, natural or unalterable state  of affairs in which students, parents and the community have deficits that have to be remedied or fixed. Rather, they think in terms of the need to locate the sources of the forces that have made them this way, of the need to better understand how these forces work, how they need to be confronted and in the end transformed. In that regard, these schools are activist places.»


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